The Clubs provide a safe, structured environment for socializing and play, learning and growing and fostering positive character values and attitudes.

As a Club member you can expect:

  1. A Safe and Positive Environment - The Club is a safe haven where members feel physically and emotionally secure at all times.
  2. Fun - The Club facility, staff and program offerings create a welcoming, positive environment that allows members to engage in play, enjoy their play time and be happy and eager to come to the Club.
  3. Supportive Relationships - The Club ensures that every young person feels connected to one or more adults and has friendships with peers.
  4. Opportunities and Expectations - Club staff and programs consistently communicate the expectation that every child has the potential to excel, be productive and succeed at the Club and in life.
  5. Recognition - The Club takes every opportunity to recognize and validate Club members' achievements and accomplishments.

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