Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo Bridging the Gap

The goal of “Bridging the Gap,” is to help our youth be higher achievers in school. Some outcomes derived from this goal include good grades on school and state learning assessments, regular school attendance, enthusiasm for school, determination to graduate and plans to pursue higher education.

Job Ready!

Designed to build the essential skills in members working towards success in the world of careers, this program addresses a wide range of issues with finding, getting and keeping a job.

Power Hour

Helps members become self-directed learners. Power Hour offers three circuits:

Power Pages provides opportunity to practice skills.

Homework Program helps members complete homework assignments.

Tutoring Program helps members gain proficiency or excel in specific areas in individual or small group sessions.

    Thinkfinity sponsored by Verizon is an online educational tool that provides thousands of free educational resources to teachers, parents and students to use in and out of the classroom. Click HERE to visit the site.

    Project LearnClub staff use areas and programs in the Club to create "high-yield learning activities" which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help, tutoring and games like Scrabble® that develop young people's cognitive skills.

    Goals for Growth

    Club members ages 8-12 learn skills for setting and achieving goals, how to identify strengths and enhance self-esteem by reinforcing progress and recognizing success.

    Kids Litz

    Youth meet weekly to read novels together, improving literacy for everyone involved.

    Math Litz

    Members practice problem solving and higher order thinking using games, interactive group activities and short stories that require math skills.